As music is such a passion of mine, I'd like to create an ongoing soundtrack to my life. So, here it goes. I'll be posting a song each day that inspires me, fits my mood, or just gets me wanting to dance. Hopefully, you can find inspiration here, too, along with discovering new artists. Enjoy!

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I admit it, I first heard “All of Me” on an episode of Awkward on MTV. I know, I’m a 30-year-old watching television programming geared toward teenagers. I won’t be sorry for that, though; that show is good! Anyway, I’ve listened to the whole Mixed Emotions album and it’s a perfect accompaniment to the summer. In addition to “All of Me” I recommend “Real Life” (who doesn’t love some African drumming?), “Brothers,” and “Not The Same.” 

The Brooklyn-based duo, Eric Emm and Jesse Cohen, only have two concerts listed in Portland and San Francisco in the next couple of months, but I’ll be keeping an eye out to see when they expand that touring list. Come on boys, Denver is calling!

Artist: Tanlines

Album: Mixed Emotions

Tune: “All of Me”

Tagged: Tanlines