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It was a delightful treat to run across Odd Owl last night at the Hi Dive in Denver. Songwriter and keyboardist/singer for the band, Carmen Caruso, has this amazing ability to be incredibly vulnerable and also pierce your heart with her sound. She’s got a pure natural talent. Additionally, the boys of the band - Philip, Adam and Stephen - all bring a lyrical musicality and strength to what they do. Every one of the members of this band plays with their heart on their sleeve, which I greatly appreciate. It was a gift to see them as they’re working toward getting recognized.

I was bummed, however, to hear that Odd Owl won’t have their official first EP released until next January. For now, the good news is that you can find some tracks on BandCamp and their 2010 Fly By Night EP on Spotify, which I highly recommend.

Sounds like: Vampire Weekend, Ra Ra Riot, Milo Greene and The Weepies

Artist: Odd Owl

Album: Fly By Night EP

Tune: “The Way Home”

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