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I saw The Barr Brothers last night when they opened for the Horse Feathers at The Bluebird in Denver and these brothers (Brad and Andrew) rocked it. Here’s a sneak peak with “Lord, I just Can’t Keep From Cryin’.” What’s too bad about this song is that Sarah Page is helping with percussion rather than playing her harp, which she does so amazingly on all other tracks for the brothers. What you also don’t see is Andres, rocking out in the many ways he can, from bass, which he does here, to percussion, keyboards and even backup vocals. Talk about a new twist on soulful rock - I’m thankful these brothers found their groove together.

For some more The Barr Brothers fun, check out these additional videos:

Artist: The Barr Brothers

Album: The Barr Brothers

Tune: “Lord, I just Can’t Keep From Cryin”

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